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The Great Wall - Sep 30th

One does not simply visit China and not go to the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall was such a cool experience. The day started early at 7 a.m. with a two-hour bus ride from Beijing to the Great Wall. I’m glad we chose the earlier tour because hundreds of people were coming in as we were leaving around 1 p.m.

They say you aren’t a real man until you climb the Great Wall, so today I became a man. It feels good.

This is what a real man looks like.

There were several elderly men testing their manhood by hiking and climbing a massive number of steps one step at a time, often with a cane in hand. I give them a lot of respect, even I was tired and took a few breaks to rest my legs. I also had to drag Shirley up the last few flights of steps so she could declare herself a real man too.

I was able to take some great video and photos before too many people were there. As the wall became more crowded with people, it was more difficult to get good angles of the wall without so many people. I plan on making a short video of the Great Wall footage I got and posting it on Heavenly’s social media.

Did you know the Great Wall of China has WiFi? I was stunned to have Internet connection the entire time and people were even answering their phone as they were climbing. I thought it sort of changed the experience, but it was pretty cool to be able to send my family pictures straight from the Great Wall.

There’s an ancient Chinese saying that says you cannot call yourself a hero if you do not climb the Great Wall of China.

It’s safe to say we were exhausted. Our legs were shaking, and Shirley almost collapsed as we were ordering ice cream at one of the shops. My Fitbit tells me we climbed 101 flights of stairs.

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