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The Catch-Up - September 24th

For those of you wondering what this blog is, allow me to catch you up! As the marketing person for Heavenly Asian Cuisine & Lounge, I need to learn as much about Chinese culture as I possibly can so I can understand what Heavenly represents. I want our guests to see that this isn't a typical Chinese restaurant, nor is it simply a Chinese restaurant. Heavenly is an authentic Gansu and Sichuan experience! So, with Shirley (the owner) by my side, I'm embarking on a journey to China for the next 10 days to learn about Chinese culture, eat Chinese cuisine and see all the sights.

Here I am getting a taste of China during Chicago's Chinatown Summer Fair

The Journey Begins!

Today is the day! Shirley and I have a 13.5 hour flight ahead of us from Chicago to Beijing, then a three hour flight to Lanzhou. Personally, I have only been outside of the U.S. once (a spring break trip to Jamaica) so I have almost no idea of what to expect. I'm told that my height (6'2) and blond hair will earn me random pictures with Chinese fangirls.

Stay Tuned

We will be up in the air for the next day or so between 16 hours of flight time and the 13 hour time difference between Central Standard Time and China Standard Time. Nothing exciting will be happening (hopefully) soon, so I will post again when we've arrived in Lanzhou.

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