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Heavenly is a full-service restaurant, featuring authentic Sichuan and Gansu provincial cuisines of China.

Our mission is to introduce one of the richest and most diverse culinary culture in the world, by delivering a menu filled with variety as well as exquisite, fresh and traditional flavors of Chinese cuisine to West Des Moines, Iowa. 

It is our hope that by dining at Heavenly, we are able to take our guests on an adventurous journey that is both culturally educational and gastronomically memorable.

It is Heavenly’s vision to fuse the history of these two regions along with the vintage charm of the Historic Valley Junction and the modern vibe today's foodies have come to expect.


Our interior focal point is the mural that represents a 1,700-year-old treasury of Chinese art, history, and culture from the Mogao Caves in Dunhuang City, along the path of China's oldest trading route - Silk Road. This breathtaking mural was painted by the local artists on an exposed brick wall, that was uncovered during the renovation.

Heavenly's eclectic space with a mixture of antiquity and modernization are an interpretation of our story -"rooted in the east and blossomed in the west."

In addition, our elegant lounge offers a unique selections of exclusive health booster tea, crafted cocktails, a handpicked selection of spirits, sparkling, sake, white and red wines, local craft beers from Confluence and Exile, as well as a quality selection of domestic and import bottles and cans to pair with any pallet or dish.

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